Five healthy cooking methods

There are several reasons why you should look forward to using some cooking techniques that are suitable to your health. Therefore, we will discuss five healthy ways which you might follow in order to cook tasty and nutritious meals:

  • Steaming: Steaming food could be executed through different ways. For example, you can put food into a basket, covered and placed above a pot of boiling water, wrapped in foil, or with appropriate electric steamers. Such a cooking method is very healthy since it eliminates the necessity to add fats over your food, plus keeps all the essential nutrients. Steaming is perfect to cook fish and shellfish because the steam keeps them wet while they are totally cooked and sealed in flavor.
  • Baking: This cooking technique consists of placing food onto a baking pan and cook them into the oven with a sprinkle of olive oil , and either covered or uncovered. Baking also doesn't require that you add any greasy substance to your food. You can use this cooking procedure for poultry, red meat, seafood and vegetables and add some seasonings to them.
  • Grilling: Another way to keep all essential nutrients is to grill your food. If you think of outdoor grills, put the food onto a rack placed over a bed of gas-heated rocks and flip them over while you watch them carefully to prevent them from getting burned. As for indoor grills, follow the cooking instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Stir-frying: Stir-frying is a suitable alternative to the deep-frying method. Instead of deep fry your food, you put around one tablespoon of vegetable oil or extra-virgin olive oil in a pan, and cook the food over the heated oil stirring frequently until they are totally cooked. That way you are reducing the quantity of fat which is better for your health.
  • Poaching: It is also a healthy cooking process. Put water in a pot and bring to boil, add a sprinkle of salt and vinegar and pour the egg slowly from a flat dish into the boiling water until the egg white covers the yolk and remove. It could also be applicable to fish.

In summary, if you choose to follow these cooking techniques and keep on using them regularly, you will be on the right track of preparing food in a healthy way that is likely to let you maintain a good health.

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