What’s Gnocchi pasta?

In the culinary arts, the word “Gnocchi “refers to a type of Italian dumpling made from a mixture of potatoes, flour and egg yolk. The potatoes are boiled or steamed, peeled, then, passed through a potato ricer or food mill in order to obtain mashed potatoes. The potato puree is mixed with flour and egg yolk as well as a pinch of salt, creating dough. Afterwards, the dough is cut into smaller sections and rolled through a cylinder. These rolls are then cut into individual pieces.

Place gnocchi pieces into pot of boiling water for 2 minutes until the pieces begin to float onto the surface this means they are done and can be removed from the water. Serve with any sauce such as tomato sauce, pesto sauce, gorgonzola sauce, meat sauce. You can add a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top.

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