Secret for the best tomato sauce

There could be many theories that explain what to do in order to obtain a great tomato sauce, but the common tips that could never be ignored are the following:

The ingredients should be of the best quality. They must be used as fresh as possible.

The olive oil is desirable to be used, particularly the extra-virgin oil because its flavor is unique and never lost when heated.

The Onions and Garlic should be cooked until they become translucent; otherwise they get burned and may badly affect the taste when overheated.

As for the alcohol adding, wine or brandy could be optionally used, but it might enhance the sauce taste.

Tomatoes should be fresh or if canned, should be purchased of high quality.

The herbs such as Oregano, Basil or thyme…are likely to be used fresh as well.

Finally, time is a major criterion. The cooking process begins with boiling the mixture over a strong fire for a certain period of time then, stirring the sauce from time to time after simmering it.

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